About Us

We stand strong with our community and against violence, oppression and injustice. We believe without question Black Lives Matter. As we continue to support individuals and families across the Chicagoland area during two pandemics, we acknowledge the intentional work that must be done for people to find peace during such critical times in our lives.
Our Approach

Pivot Collaborative, LLC is a collaborative of experienced trauma-informed therapists with strong ties to the LGBTQ+ community. We are dedicated to providing culturally attuned services, and to being advocates and allies to the diverse client-base we serve. As such, not only do we strive to meet the needs of our clients through offering individual, family, couple, and group therapy, we are also adept at crafting workshops and trainings that are individualized to the needs of clinicians, businesses, and organizations. We offer consultation and supervision to others in the field in order to continue to build Chicago’s clinical capacity for radically accepting, affirming therapy work. We are strong advocates for children, teens, and families throughout Chicago, specializing in crisis intervention and alleviating the difficulties of typical adjustment periods.

Gender and Sexuality Inclusion

Pivot Collaborative, LLC is a part of and a strong ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Our therapists are gender-inclusive and advocates of the queer, trans, GNC, poly, and kink communities. Our services are focused on affirmation, empowerment, and advocacy. We are sensitive to the unique experiences that members of the LGBTQ+ community face as individuals, couples, and families, and align our services with models that validate these experiences and build resilience.

Cultural Humility

The identities we bring into the therapeutic space hold significance as clients and clinicians. Whether you share the racial or cultural identity of your therapist or if they differ, we view these dynamics as essential to recognize in the therapeutic relationship. We strive to provide services from a stance of cultural humility, the goal of which is to maintain a stance that is other-oriented and person-centered in relation to aspects of cultural identity that are most important to the person. Our therapists are highly trained to be inclusive and sensitive to the unique experiences that diverse backgrounds can include. We have been serving diverse populations of individuals and families who have faced trauma, oppression, and inequity in Chicago for years.

Trauma-Informed Therapy

While each of our therapists has unique approaches, specialties, and clinical experience, we all view our work at its core through trauma-informed lens. Trauma-informed care recognizes that we have all experienced trauma and this trauma affects our ability to interact with and feel safe in our environments. It recognizes that trauma has an affect on our brain’s physiological ability to function. The long-lasting effect of this is that we can become overwhelmed later in life when our safety may not actually be at risk, but it feels as endangered as it did during the original event.

Your therapist will use this understanding to join you in forming a safe and trusting alliance, practicing becoming grounded and regulated, and exploring your source(s) of trauma from an individualized perspective. Over time you will make sense of the feelings and sensations you experience by integrating all parts of your brain in this process. The goal of this is to gradually learn how to predict, prepare for, and regulate through your bodily sensations in a healthy way which is the key for longer-term successful outcomes in trauma-based therapy.

If you are interested in more information about the research behind trauma-informed care and the brain, we encourage you to visit: