Mattia Katz, MSW


Showing up for ourselves makes caring for each other possible.

I am a pre-licensed fellow and social worker with a background in community-based social work, mutual aid organizing, and birthwork. As a student of abolitionist models of care, I utilize a strengths-based perspective and move with hope for the future that is informed by acknowledging the hurt of our present conditions. I bring this hope to supporting individuals, couples, and families in locating their own self-determined definitions of care, safety, self worth, and accountability. 

I enjoy working with queer and gender-diverse people who are navigating life transitions such as: gender affirming care, parenting, reproductive loss, grief, negotiating contact with assigned family, romantic relationship transitions, polyamory negotiations, and change in bodymind/disability identity. Because I have years of experience working in survivor-centered responses to interpersonal harm, I hold that such transitions can reactivate survivorship experiences. With a deeply intersectional, survivor-centered practice, I support multiply-marginalized survivors with the understanding that healing from interpersonal and systemic violence is non-linear, iterative, and deeply tied to community. My passion for centering survivors also means that I care about supporting people who have caused harm and offer a space for them to work on their accountability, healing, and growth. 

Recognizing the limitations of medical models of knowledge within LGBTQIA+, disabled, neurodiverse, and BIPOC communities, I encourage alternative ways of knowing and invite clients to bring frameworks and content that resonate with them to the table. My role is to build a container where you can explore the interplay between these frameworks and your lived experiences of yourself, your relationships, and the systems you navigate. In sessions, we will co-create meaning, develop insights, and build strategies for deeper connection in your communities and relationships.

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