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Hello! Welcome to Pivot Collaborative. I  am the founding director of our collective. I aimed to build a diverse group practice for people who are passionate and curious about other people.  People who like to challenge and support people and organizations through change processes and are queer or queer allied- focus on race and gender.  Who work to change oppressive systems and who are inclusive. We are all trauma informed.

As a queer therapist, I believe my style is interactive, direct, mindful and attune.  I enjoy working with adults, children, couples and organizations.

I began my social work career in 1993. I worked respite with children and families putting myself through the BSW undergraduate program at Loyola University Chicago. I then began working with families and children living with HIV and AIDS. In 1999, I moved to New York City and entered into the Master of Social Work graduate program at NYU. There I started my tenure as a trauma therapist working with families, children and youth who experience trauma and oppression, personally and systemically.

As a practiced trauma informed therapist I have over 20 years experience working people in difficult life experiences.  I work relationally with mindfulness, paying close attention to how we are in relationship and how this impacts personal development and social connections.

I have lived and worked  in Chicago, New York, Berlin and London as a therapist, group facilitator, leadership coach, consultant, non-profit director and change advocate.

As a licensed clinical social worker, I concentrate on life changes, gender, identity, loss, grief, trauma, depression and anxiety.

I have advanced training in conflict management and group facilitation and advanced certifications in trauma informed work. I enjoy  working closely with therapists in consultation and supervision.

Additionally,  I am qualified and experienced as a leadership coach and have a diploma in Organizational Development and Executive Coaching which I received in London. I have lead consultations projects with MAKE GOOD in London, Be  SMART Academy in Berlin and Studio Gang Architects in Chicago and New York.

I am very proud of the PIVOT CO team and enjoy everyone I work with greatly. We are good people  with humility, skill, knowledge and an openness to learn more.

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Taeisha (she/hers/her) has been a practicing therapist for over 15 years. She is dedicated and has a rich knowledge working with adults, teens, young adults, children and families.

As a certificated parenting coach she adds insight to families adjusting to difficult moments.  She focuses on strengths, beliefs and values to build stronger connections.

Taeisha has advanced knowledge of how trauma affects families, communities and individuals. She builds strong bonds with her cleints and focuses her work on race, trauma, grief, depression and anxiety. Her  practice is sensitive to social and cultural issues.

She is a pre-licensed fellow working on her licensure.

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Alexa (she/hers/her) is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), who completed her graduate degree at the University of Chicago: School of Social Service Administration. She provides a collaborative, strengths based, feedback forward therapeutic approach. In her first few sessions she will focus on learning and observing a client’s style and then progress into an interactive, conversational style of therapy. Alexa is trained in the Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC) Model, which presents as a combination of CBT, DBT, and psychoanalytic therapies through a trauma-informed lens.

She often incorporates tangible tools into her practice, such as breathing exercises, documenting values, practicing self-affirmations, and outlining outside-the-box problem solving while assessing pro/cons of stressful decisions. With these combinations, Alexa works with her clients to explore patterns together and practice strategies for growth.

Alexa’s areas of specialty include but are not limited to anxiety and depression symptoms, substance use management, adjustment disorders, gender and sexual identity exploration, conflict resolution, de-escalation, and navigating fluctuating suicidal ideation and self-harm tendencies. In order to ensure a healthy journey of healing Alexa utilizes a balance of validation, investigation, and therapeutic challenging.

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Phillip Lee



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Phil (he/his/him) is a licensed social worker at Pivot Collaborative. He earned his Master’s in Social Work from Simmons University. With over 10 years working with adolescents and young adults who have experienced various adversities in many clinical capacities, Phil has a passion for assisting individuals in building a sense of identity and belonging. He has been working with families for the past 5 years and thinks this is one of the most important aspects when working with children. Phil also has a background rendering crisis counseling to individuals who may have suffered from major trauma or onset of overwhelming circumstances.

Phil brings a warm, non-judgmental, and collaborative approach towards helping people through the process of change and personal growth, which he believes all persons are capable of achieving. Phil is a versatile clinician. His areas of specialty and clinical interests include children, families, addictions, managing behavioral concerns, anger, stress, anxiety, depression, individuals with developmental and physical disabilities, self-esteem, gender, sexuality, mental health, and cultural identities. Phil’s therapeutic approach is rooted in trauma-informed care, CBT/DBT, relational, solution-focused, biopsychosocial approach, motivational interviewing, and social learning.

“Everyone is unique, and I strive to make therapy a unique experience for each person that I work with. As a therapist I believe in empowering client’s through the therapeutic experience to foster lasting change outside of the therapy setting. I greatly value modeling transparency, care, and healthy support systems. With my eclectic clinical interest, I promote equality, inclusion, advocacy, and social justice. I am genuine, trustworthy, approachable, and hopefully helpful as we address what brings you in.”

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Cindy Lys          LCSW


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Cindy (she/hers/her) is the clinical director at Pivot Collaborative. She has been working as a trauma informed therapist over 10 years. She is grounded, honest, compassionate and a well-rounded therapist. As a LGBTQ ally she sees clients who are curious about their identity and gender. Her practice tends toward working with individuals with complex trauma, anxiety disorders and depression as well as adjustments to life changes.

She facilitates groups that are queer focused and trauma informed. She enjoys working with teens and adults. Her practice is sensitive to social and cultural issues.

Cindy specializes in adolescents and young adults who face various mental health and identity development challenges. Her approach is tailored to fit client specific goals and incorporate various techniques, which include: psychodynamic, relational, inter-subjective, motivational, trauma-informed, strengths-based and solution-focused therapies. Each client is approached as a complex individual with a unique narrative. Cindy affirms and empowers all genders, sexualities, ethnicities and faiths and the lifelong practice of positively embracing and mastering self-identity.

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Katie Richie LCSW CADC


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Katie (she/hers/her) is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago. Katie believes it is her role to make therapy a safe, nonjudgmental, and affirming space where she can support her clients on their journey of self-discovery. Katie approaches the therapeutic relationship collaboratively, focusing on individual strengths, strengthening personal agency, and providing space for radical acceptance and empathy throughout treatment. Katie’s areas of specialty and clinical interests include adolescents, young adults and families, substance use, co-occurring disorders, anger and stress management, anxiety and depression, gender, sexuality, self-esteem, women’s issues, and trauma.  Katie’s approach incorporates techniques from trauma-informed, strengths-based, DBT/CBT, acceptance, relational, and solution-focused therapies to find the best fit for her clients’ individual needs and goals.

Katie is also a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and has experience facilitating harm-reduction and abstinence-based groups for adolescents and adults in all stages of recovery. Katie has six years of experience working with adolescents, young adults, and families in a residential setting for behavioral and mental health needs. She has experience with crisis management, coping skill development, and mindfulness tools.

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Cristen (she/hers/her) is a licensed social worker and trauma-informed therapist with over 6 years of experience working with adolescents, individuals, and families in various settings. She believes that the power of the therapeutic space comes from the relationship between and safety amongst the therapist and client. Cristen’s approach is empathetic, relational, validating, and direct. Her goal is to meet her clients wherever their starting point may be, join them in identifying their goals, and empower them to strive toward their vision of peace, happiness, and success.

Cristen pulls from various therapeutic modalities including DBT, harm reduction, family systems, psychodynamic, and motivational interviewing. She supports her clients by exploring personal narratives, using mindfulness to build capacity for emotional regulation, and practicing radical acceptance.

Cristen’s clinical interests include depression and anxiety, vicarious trauma and burnout, personality disorders, gender and sexuality, stress management, issues unique to queer and trans individuals, trauma work, and helping families mend rifts in their relationships. Additionally, Cristen has a passion for facilitating therapy groups that allow members to utilize their intersectional identities to increase interpersonal effectiveness and foster resilience amongst participants.

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Andrew (he/him/his)  is a licensed clinical social worker who uses his clinical experience to support children, adults, and families. Andrew uses his intuitive and thoughtful nature to support people in accomplishing their goals, increasing self awareness, and practicing new ways of being. He brings openness, curiosity, and intentionality to the work he does with people.

For three years Andrew has worked with Becoming a Man (BAM) project supporting young adults move into adulthood. He is experienced with substance misuse counseling.

Andrew is a multifaceted clinician with a practice that specializes in supporting individuals living with mental and emotional struggles due to trauma using an experiential techniques. He adapts his approach to suit the clients goals while often incorporating Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Narrative Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Multi-cultural Therapy, Experiential Therapy, and Group Therapy.

He works collaboratively with individuals to support them in achieving their goals and leading empowered lives.

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Elly (they/them/theirs) goal is always to give my clients the opportunity to feel seen, heard and supported. They are non-judgmental, caring and somewhat goofy. They have worked in a variety of settings around grief/loss, identity development, trauma/abuse, anxiety, depression and disability concerns. They have training and experience in trauma-informed play therapy, and  love incorporating expressive arts into my practice. Their approach is grounded in attachment-theory, narrative therapy, family-systems theory and anti-oppressive practice.

As a pre licensed fellow Elly has four years of experience working with disabled or neurodiverse folks including learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, and developmental delays. As a non-binary therapist with multiple invisible disabilities, they take an intersectional, justice-focused approach to the care they provide. They affirm all genders, races, sexualities, ethnicities and faiths. I also encourage open discourse and accountability in their daily practice.

They are here to give you the space to understand yourself and the world around you in a way that is collaborative, safe and respectful. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions you may have to see if it would be a fit to work together

Pronouns: they/them

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Kaleb (he/him/his) is a licensed clinical social worker who graduated from the University of Chicago with a Masters in Social Work. Kaleb has over 8 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, and families in various outpatient, inpatient, and residential settings. He is passionate about working with trans/non-binary folks as well as their partners and/or families. As a therapist with lived experience in this identity, Kaleb strives to provide a safe and affirming space for clients to feel validated and heard. If you are questioning or exploring your gender, seeking support from someone within the trans community, or wanting to support your partner, child, or family member, Kaleb provides a unique perspective to process and explore these topics.

Kaleb uses a trauma-informed and anti-oppressive framework and combines aspects of DBT, Trauma-Focused CBT, Family Systems, Harm Reduction, Motivation Interviewing, and Relational Theory. He works with topics including depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use, gender and/or sexual identity development, gender transition, and work/academic stress. Kaleb’s approach to therapy is compassionate, individualized, and collaborative.

Pronouns: he/him



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I am a licensed clinical social worker at Pivot Collaborative. I earned my Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University and worked for five years as a school social worker, working with elementary and middle school students. I have experience navigating queerness, as well as growing up in religious spaces with a bi-cultural identity. My professional experience extends from being a school social worker, teacher, group facilitator, to a youth advocate.

Over the years as a school social worker, I have supported children, adolescents, and families navigate through life changes, explore conflict resolution strategies, and build emotional regulation skills. I facilitated grief and loss support groups for elementary and middle school students and worked with young people experiencing thoughts and patterns of self harm.

By exploring inner narratives and collaborating on strategies for growth, I support clients with building capacity for emotional regulation and practicing radical self love. I love working with children, young people, and adults. My areas of specialty include working with middle school aged adolescents, navigating bi-culturalism, and exploring the intersection of religion and queerness.

I acknowledge how systems of oppression and intersectionality impact mental health and influence our daily lives and inner narratives. I believe in the power of community care and the importance of creating a world that does not rely on police to manage conflict. I uphold the values of prison abolition and strive to practice anti-carceral mental health.

My therapy practices are centered around the following modalities: strengths-based theories, relational, narrative therapy, group therapy, and anti-oppressive practices.

Pronouns she/her

I am also trained as a birth doula and yoga instructor.



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I am  licensed clinical counselor who holds a nationally certified counselor certificate. I have worked with individuals, groups, relationships, and families in a variety of settings within Chicago, gathering my clinical experience as a school counselor, community mental health therapist, and group private practice fellow and therapist. 

As a queer Black person who has done their own healing work, it became my mission to establish the therapeutic space I provide as trauma-informed. That means, I strive toward building a fundamental anti-oppressive space, one where your intersectionalities are respected and your healing is centered. To bring these intentions to the space I provide makes doing the work that healing requires that much more possible for the communities I serve.

I am an EMDR therapist who anchors their anti-oppressive work in the perspectives of the feminist relational model, harm-reduction, body positivity, and restorative and transformative justice frames. As oppression takes many forms externally and impact our view of ourselves, together we can unpack how internalized oppression may impact your healing journey. For this, I offer a space that uplifts the belief that one’s external and internal community are central to connectedness, resilience and internalized liberation

Currently, I work with Queer and Trans individuals as they navigate obstacles that impede progress towards life goals. My work with children, adolescents, and adults have shown me that, for many, these obstacles include explorations of identity, gender and sexuality, experiences of trauma and oppression, and relationship with self, others and systems. As such, I hold respect for all genders and partnerships, and value the humanity of one’s unique lived experience in all contexts they navigate. 

My approach is one that welcomes collaboration with the client to co-create a space where healing is possible. I believe that in establishing an environment that is warm, judgment-free, and genuine, clients can experience a space where those complex, unique, and challenging parts of life have a place to be expressed. I realize that self-directed space for reflection and exploration is often what gives clients permission to acknowledge their truths in full. 

Pronouns: They/Them