Linda Bartoli, LCSW


I am the founding director of our collective. A a queer person, I aimed to build a diverse group practice for people who are passionate and curious about other people- people who like to challenge and support people and organizations through change processes – people who are LGBTQIA+ or queer allied – people who are focused on race, gender and the intersections of identity- people who work to change oppressive systems and people who enjoy collaboration on multiple levels.

I am very proud of the Pivot Collaborative team and enjoy everyone I work with greatly. We are good people with humility, skill, knowledge and an openness to learn more.

I began my social work career in 1993 as a respite worker supporting children and families while putting myself through the BSW undergraduate program at Loyola University Chicago. As a young social worker, I focused on working with families and children living with HIV and AIDS. In 1999, I moved to New York City and entered into the Master of Social Work graduate program at NYU. There I continued to expand my knowledge and focus on trauma as a therapist.

I have over 25 years experience working with people in various life experiences.  I work relationally, paying close attention to how we are in relationship with ourselves and others and how this impacts personal development and connectedness.

Life changes, gender, identity, adoption, loss, grief, trauma, depression and anxiety are all areas of mental wellness I have knowledge around.

I like to think that together my client’s and I develop a non shaming language of understanding. I love working with intersections of identity and their complexities. Working closely with therapists in consultation and supervision is a passion of mine.

I value relationships and the exploration of self. I identify as gender expansive and think about what it means to be an aging queer person. I have always valued a therapeutic approach that focuses less on “fixing” and more on understanding and knowing oneself.

I call myself lucky to have lived and worked and in Chicago, New York, Berlin and London as a therapist, group facilitator, leadership coach, consultant, non-profit director and change advocate.

People have said about me that I am patient, strangely weird, witty and compassionate.

Without question, I feel truly humbled by this work and enjoy being in relationship with people. And think that we are brave to reflect on our lives and the experiences of our lives.

Pronouns: she/they