Linda Bartoli (she/her/hers), Pivot’s founder,  is curious and passionate about her work and enjoys challenging and supporting individuals and organizations through change processes. Her style has been described as interactive, direct, mindful and attune. She works with adults, children, couples and organizations.

Linda has worked in Chicago, New York, Berlin, and London as a therapist, group facilitator, leadership coach, consultant, non-profit director, and change advocate.

As a practiced trauma-informed therapist, Linda has 20 years’ worth of experience working with people during difficult moments throughout their lives. Although trained in DBT and CBT interventions, Linda works relationally with mindfulness. She directs focus onto paying close attention to how one’s self plays a role within their relationships and how this can impact their personal development and social connections.

As a licensed clinical social worker, she concentrates on life changes, gender, self-identity, loss and grief, trauma, depression, and anxiety. She has advanced training in conflict management and group facilitation. She has advanced certifications in trauma-informed work and works closely with therapists in consultation and supervision.

Linda is qualified and experienced as both a personal and leadership coach and has a diploma in Organizational Development and Executive Coaching.

Linda Bartoli LCSW

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