Linda Bartoli, LCSW


I am the founding director of our collective. I aimed to build a diverse group practice for people who are passionate and curious about other people. People who like to challenge and support people and organizations through change processes and are queer or queer allied – focus on race and gender – who work to change oppressive systems and who are inclusive. We are all trauma informed. As a queer therapist, I believe my style is interactive, direct, mindful and attune. I enjoy working with adults, children, couples and organizations.

I began my social work career in 1993. I worked respite with children and families putting myself through the BSW undergraduate program at Loyola University Chicago. I then began working with families and children living with HIV and AIDS. In 1999, I moved to New York City and entered into the Master of Social Work graduate program at NYU. There I continued my tenure as a trauma therapist working with families, children and youth who experience trauma and oppression – personally and systemically.

As a practiced trauma informed therapist I have over 20 years experience working people in difficult life experiences.  I work relationally with mindfulness, paying close attention to how we are in relationship and how this impacts personal development and social connections. I have lived and worked  in Chicago, New York, Berlin and London as a therapist, group facilitator, leadership coach, consultant, non-profit director and change advocate.

As a licensed clinical social worker, I concentrate on life changes, gender, identity, adoption, loss, grief, trauma, depression and anxiety. I have advanced training in conflict management and group facilitation and advanced certifications in trauma informed work. I enjoy  working closely with therapists in consultation and supervision. Additionally, I am qualified and experienced as a leadership coach and have a diploma in Organizational Development and Executive Coaching which I received in London. I have lead consultations projects with MAKE GOOD in London, Be  SMART Academy in Berlin and Studio Gang Architects in Chicago and New York.

I am very proud of the Pivot Collaborative team and enjoy everyone I work with greatly. We are good people  with humility, skill, knowledge and an openness to learn more.

Pronouns: she/her/hers