I am a BIPOC, GNC licensed clinical counselor who holds a nationally certified counselor certificate. I have worked with individuals, groups, relationships, and families in a variety of settings within Chicago, gathering my clinical experience as a school counselor, community mental health therapist, and group private practice fellow and therapist. 

As a queer Black person who has done their own healing work, it became my mission to establish the therapeutic space I provide as trauma-informed. That means, I strive toward building a fundamental anti-oppressive space, one where your intersectionalities are respected and your healing is centered. To bring these intentions to the space I provide makes doing the work that healing requires that much more possible for the communities I serve.

I am an EMDR therapist who anchors their anti-oppressive work in the perspectives of the feminist relational model, harm-reduction, body positivity, and restorative and transformative justice frames. As oppression takes many forms externally and impact our view of ourselves, together we can unpack how internalized oppression may impact your healing journey. For this, I offer a space that uplifts the belief that one’s external and internal community are central to connectedness, resilience and internalized liberation. 

Currently, I work with Queer and Trans individuals as they navigate obstacles that impede progress towards life goals. My work with children, adolescents, and adults have shown me that, for many, these obstacles include explorations of identity, gender and sexuality, experiences of trauma and oppression, and relationship with self, others and systems. As such, I hold respect for all genders and partnerships, and value the humanity of one’s unique lived experience in all contexts they navigate. 

My approach is one that welcomes collaboration with the client to co-create a space where healing is possible. I believe that in establishing an environment that is warm, judgment-free, and genuine, clients can experience a space where those complex, unique, and challenging parts of life have a place to be expressed. I realize that self-directed space for reflection and exploration is often what gives clients permission to acknowledge their truths in full. 

Pronouns: they/them